Sperian Energy Complaints

In the wake of deregulating the energy market, more complaints are coming in. Especially from the customers of Sperian Energy. Everything from Sperian Energy’s door-to-door solicitation practices to their big promises of lower rates and better service that abruptly stop. Attorneys at KSG are currently looking at these energy supplier complaints for a possible Sperian… Read More

Aetna HIV Letter Scandal

Since the stigma of HIV still permeates within our culture, respect and privacy to those being tested for HIV, and those who have contacted the virus should be priority number one! How Aetna lost sight of this is beyond words. Here’s more about the Aetna privacy breach and what recourse you have. Late August of… Read More

Equifax Massive Data Breach

Where’s consumer protection when you need it? That is what 143 million consumers are asking themselves after Equifax’s troubling announcement. The data breach or cyber-attack apparently impacts a huge portion of the U.S. The credit-reporting company said hackers exploited a U.S. web vulnerability and gained unauthorized access to consumer data from mid-May through July. The… Read More

Wrong Use of Background Checks for Employment

Were you denied employment due to bad credit? You’re not alone. Many job applicants are in your same shoes. And many times, your prospective employer isn’t following proper disclosures and procedures. Here we share what those procedures are under the Fair Credit Reporting Act or FCRA, so you can decide if you or someone you… Read More

Costco Sells Engagement Rings as “Tiffany”

News from Tiffany & Co., claiming that Costco has for many years falsely identified their mark when selling different styles of rings is very surprising and upsetting to many. As such, many consumers mistakenly believe they purchased and own a prestigious Tiffany engagement ring from Costco when the rings weren’t actually made by Tiffany. Tiffany… Read More

Weyerhaeuser Flak Jacket Product Complaints

Based on customer complaints, Weyerhaeuser Company has acknowledged that its Flak Jacket fire protection coating, applied to its TJI Joists, is causing a serious odor and a mess for homeowners. It is alleged that homeowners affected with the problematic, formaldehyde-based resin are those who had purchased or installed the building support product after December 1,… Read More

Bed Linen Thread Count Scam

Ultra-lovely colors and a smooth touch define AQ Textiles Egyptian cotton sheets with a thread count of 1000. Another thing that distinguishes them—thanks to the marketing practices of big retailers, TJ Maxx, Macy’s and others—is that higher thread count is considered an indicator of sheet quality. However, new information suggests that sheet manufacturers and retailers… Read More

Wells Fargo Refund Mishap with Auto GAP Insurance

Kohn, Swift & Graf is investigating reports that Wells Fargo failed to refund auto loan GAP insurance to customers. GAP, short for Guaranteed Asset Protection is insurance that is purchased when the amount a borrower owes on their car loan may be more than their car is worth if it is totaled in an accident…. Read More

Racketeering Violations for Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo has admitted to charging several hundred thousand borrowers from 2012-2017 for auto insurance they didn’t ask for or want. As it turns out, the third-largest U.S. Bank issued fraudulent auto insurance premiums through their Collateral Protection Insurance Program that has impacted at least 570,000 customers. Besides being charged inflated premiums that weren’t justified,… Read More

Problems with Apple’s Powerbeats is Investigated

Apple’s brand communicates trust, innovation, and entrepreneurship, not sloppy craftsmanship of potentially defective products. That is why consumers are having trouble with Apple’s line of Bluetooth wireless headphones known as Powerbeats. Many Powerbeats2 and Powerbeats3 customers are finding that the wireless headphones stop working and cannot accept a charge. These problems even occur during the… Read More