Industry-Shaking Chip Flaw Exposes Millions of Devices

Two newly discovered security chip vulnerabilities found in millions of processors have shaken up the industry. Considering they prove a critical crack in a computer’s most basic safeguard— it is no wonder the entire industry from Alphabet’s Google and Apple to Intel, Advanced Micro Systems, and ARM Holdings are scrambling. Intel, one of the world’s… Read More

Customized Products Antitrust Litigation

This action arises out of a Department of Justice investigation into a conspiracy to fix prices for customized promotion products. From at least June 2014 to at least June 2016, with anticompetitive effects continuing to the present, Defendants used text messages; online messaging platforms such as Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp; and in-person meetings to communicate… Read More

KS&G Investigates Student Loan Servicer

Since 2009, the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (“PHEAA”), one of four primary servicers of federal student loan debt, has allegedly delayed or failed to process applications under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program and the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education grant program. The programs are designed to make higher education more… Read More

Trader Joe’s Alkaline Water Misrepresentation

KSG is investigating Trader Joes for potentially misleading consumers about the acid levels in its Trader Joes brand Alkaline Water. Trader Joes advertises that its Alkaline Water has low acid levels with a 9.5 pH level. However, the Alkaline Water may contain significantly higher acid levels Misleading Consumers: The acid level in foods and beverages… Read More

KS&G is investgating exploding Savage Arms ML-II Muzzleloader Rifles

Purchasers of the Savage Arms ML-II muzzleloaders rifle are experiencing issues with the device. Purchasers claim that the barrels have cracked, split, burst or in some cases- exploded. Once the rifle experiences such damage, the rifle becomes unusable. The rifle malfunctions occur after several uses, so the issue might not present itself until several years… Read More

New England Consumers Overcharged for Electricity

Two utility companies, Eversource Energy and Avangrid, Inc. are accused of driving up energy costs in New England from 2013-2016. Earlier lawsuits previously filed claimed that the ongoing energy market manipulation scheme was for corporate gain. The scheme centered on Eversource and Avangrid reserving more energy than they needed; thereby, manipulating the amount of natural… Read More

Consumers Energy Telemarketing Complaints

If you’re like many, you don’t appreciate unwanted telephone solicitations. The majority of Americans find them annoying and a total waste of time. However, energy service company, Consumers Energy, is stepping up random calling to homeowners. Even though, the company clearly knows that their telephone solicitations are illegal when used in tandem with automated telephone… Read More

Fingerprint Scanning and Employee’s Rights

Biometric fingerprint scanning systems are being used by employers to clock employees in and out. Many have done away with timecards for greater efficiency and accuracy. However, there’s a dark-side to this practice. For instance, an Illinois Biometric Information Protection Act (BIPA) says that employers who use the biometric technology must follow very discrete requirements… Read More

Car Tracking Device Data Exposed–Linked to Amazon S3 Bucket

So much has been in the news about data breaches tied to consumer personal information that it is hard to imagine another vulnerability that has just been discovered. This one centers on data captured by a vehicle tracking system offered by SVR Tracking. SVR tracking devices are installed on customer’s vehicles, so they can be… Read More

Yale Study Focuses on Surprise Medical Bills

How hospitals source their ER physicians, surgeons and specialists like anesthesiologists and radiologists is the subject of a recent study from the Yale School of Public Health and School of Management. The study illustrates how patients choose a hospital that’s in-network only to learn that out-of-network doctors are working in “in-network” hospitals. Patients have an… Read More