Hoosier Racing Tiers Under Investigation for Alleged Defects

Kohn, Swift & Graf is investigating claims for a class action suit against Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. for allegedly failing to disclose its Hosier D.O.T. – Radial Racing Tires’ predisposition to a tire defect and for allegedly concealing the fact that particular components within the tire are defective. As a result of its alleged misrepresentations, Hoosier has been able to sell the D.O.T. Tires to customers under the pretense that they are safe. However, it has been alleged that the D.O.T. Tires were defective and created an unreasonably dangerous condition for the consuming public.

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. is the largest race tire manufacturer in the world and internationally distributes the D.O.T. Tires to many customers. The tires contain a D.O.T Stamp warranting their certification under Department of Transportation Standards. By placing the D.O.T stamp on the D.O.T. Tires, Hoosier represented that the consumer is “protected against unreasonable risk of crashes” and that it had tested the D.O.T. Tires for any design or manufacturing defects. Furthermore, the company advertises the “performance advantages” of the tires. Yet, it is alleged that the D.O.T. Tires are unpredictably faulty and, as a result, pose various risks to consumers.

As a result of Hoosier Racing Tire Corp’s alleged negligent misrepresentation of the D.O.T. Tires and alleged deceptive practices, consumers have suffered harm, injury and an ascertainable loss of money. Based on these allegations, KSG is investigating claims for a class action against Hoosier. To aid in our investigation, we would like anyone who has purchased the D.O.T. Tires to contact us. All initial attorney consultations are free of charge.