Mike’s Train House, Inc. v. Lionel LLC et al.

Mike’s Train House, Inc. v. Lionel LLC et al., 00-Civil-71729 (E.D. Mich) – KSG tried this theft of trade secrets case on behalf of the plaintiff, Mike’s Train House, a manufacturer of high quality O gauge scale replica trains. In June, 2004, following an 18 day trial, the jury in Detroit, Michigan, awarded plaintiff an aggregate verdict of $40,775,745 against all defendants, of which more than $38.6 million was assessed against defendant Lionel. Plaintiff proved that defendants had stolen more than 3,300 blueprints, and used those to make numerous models of knock-off trains, which defendants manufactured, imported, and sold in the U.S. in competition with plaintiff. The case is currently on appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

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Originally Posted: 02/17/2006