Samsung SmartThings Lawsuit

What a great concept. The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is revolutionary, to say the least. Offering a system where objects in the physical world can connect to the Internet by sensors and when these sensors are embedded in smart devices, they can be monitored via an app from anywhere.

Samsung is believed to have rushed to take an early market lead in the IoT industry, but their platform SmartThings has been plagued with interoperability and reliability problems. Rather than addressing product defects, the electronics giant continues rolling out deceptive and false advertising—getting consumers, like you, to pay a significant price for a platform that doesn’t work, and doesn’t hold its value proposition:

• “Monitor & Protect What Matters Most”
• Connect to 100+ smart home devices through one simple app”
• “Control and automate connected lights, locks thermostats, and more from anywhere”

Samsung Smart Home Isn’t Smart After All

Probably, you too were excited by Samsung smart home marketing claims. However, now it’s becoming clear that the company knew its advertising and marketing were deceptive, misleading and false. The unfortunate outcome is that consumers have been misled as to what the Samsung home automation system can perform.

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