KSG Investigates Samsung “SmartThings” Home Security Systems

Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is investigating claims for a class action lawsuit against Samsung SmartThings system.

SmartThings is a home security system that “lets you easily monitor, control, and secure your home from anywhere.” The product allows consumers to monitor their homes from anywhere using the Samsung app designed for smart phones and tablets.

However, new research has revealed that these apps allow hackers to hack into the SmartThings system. The University of Michigan hacked Samsung SmartThings in four successful attacks and used the system’s own SmartApps to carry each one out.

Researchers have found the biggest problem is that 40 percent of the apps are “over-privileged”—meaning that one can gain access to more operations on the device than it needs to perform its function. And an over-privileged app is the security loop-hole that allows hackers to create back doors into the SmartThings system.

The research suggests that Samsung SmartThings system may be flawed and users of the system may be at risk of hackers. This has led to our investigation into Samsung SmartThings systems.

If you, or someone you know, has purchased Samsung SmartThings system, please contact us to discuss your potential claim. All initial consultations are free of charge.

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