Potential Class Action Lawsuit Against Dura-Loc for Defective Shingles and Roof Tiles

Dura-Loc purported that their “Continental”, “Shadowline”, “Shake”, and “Wood Shake” roofing tiles would neither be affected by ultra-violet light for at least twenty-five years after installation nor deteriorate in appearance. Consumers, lured in by the UV-resistant claims, bought the Dura-Loc defective roofing tiles, only to watch as their Dura-Loc shingles lost the original color and texture within a few years of installation.

It is believed that the surface coating  granules used by Dura-Loc for their defective shingles and roofing tiles, called Colorquartz, are not resistant to ultra-violet light, and, in fact, are so impacted by ultra-violet light that they cause the surface coating to peel off of the tiles.  It is alleged that Dura-Loc, now owned by Metals USA, was aware of this issue as early as 1993. In that year, Dura-Loc circulated a bulletin warning that Colorquartz is “not suitable for applications that require protection… from ultraviolet light exposure.”  Yet, they continued to manufacture, sell, and profit from these defective tiles for years.

Dura-Loc, and its successor, Metals USA, have responded to complaints from their customers by either attempting to charge a $400 service fee to look at the defective shingles and roofing tiles, or, alternately, by claiming they are not responsible for the defect.

If you, or someone you know, has purchased Dura-Loc “Continental”, “Shadowline”, “Shake”, or “Woodshake” defective shingles and roofing tiles between 1996 and 2006 that have deteriorated in appearance or texture, please contact us to discuss your potential claim for our potential Dura-Loc defective roofing tiles and shingles lawsuit. All initial consultations are free of charge.

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