KSG Investigates the City of Philadelphia: Potentially Unsafe Lead Level in Drinking Water

KSG is investigating claims for a class action lawsuit on behalf of the citizens of Philadelphia against the City. Some have alleged that the level of lead in the City’s water is too high and thus harmful. According to several environmental experts and entities, including the Environmental Protection Agency, Philadelphia’s lead testing methods are outdated. They worry that these tests may underestimate the level of lead in the City’s water. If these allegations are true, then many households may be at risk. KSG wants to find out: “Is Philadelphia’s Tap Water Safe?”

Recent media spotlight on the health consequences of the children of the City of Flint, Michigan has brought the dangerous consequences of lead poisoning to national attention. Lead exposure is harmful to the nervous system. Some of the side effects of lead poisoning include infertility, neuropathy, hypertension, pain in muscle and joints, issues with memory and concentration, and motor nervous dysfunction. Lead poisoning’s effects are worse for children. Children exposed to lead may suffer from lower IQ, reading disabilities, attention deficit disorders, hyperactivity, and other behavioral problems due to underdeveloped blood-brain barriers, increased gastrointestinal absorption, and hand-to-mouth behaviors. In addition, pregnant women, the elderly, and the sick are especially vulnerable.

Since most cities’ original water pipes were made with lead, cities must diligently check the level of lead in their pipes. Recently, the Guardian investigated the lead-measuring methods in 33 cities across 17 states; they’ve claimed that Philadelphia may be using inaccurate testing methods. We want to conduct our own investigation to answer the question, “Is Philadelphia’s Tap Water Safe?” If you’re a resident of Philadelphia wondering the same question, we would be interested in speaking with you and possibly conducting a free lead test at your home.

If you’re interested in participating in this evaluation, please search your address in http://phl-water.maps.arcgis.com/apps/PanelsLegend/index.html?appid=0ad34eff4c3e4f53aa83c9955fc748cb. If your home is located on a street marked by “green” line, then please contact us by filling out the contact form on this page. You may be eligible for relief. All initial consultations are free of charge. Kohn, Swift & Graf is a national leader in class actions, including complex consumer litigation. With experienced attorneys and a competent support staff, our firm strives to provide the highest quality of service to our clients. We treat each case with careful attention to ensure that consumers get the justice they deserve. KSG is centrally located in Philadelphia, PA.

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