Retailers Charging Excessive Shipping Fees

As more and more people use the internet for their shopping needs, some retailers are looking for ways to illegally make higher profits. The companies are focusing on their online shopping process including shipping the products to the buyer. As they tweak the process, it’s creating some real headaches for buyers, namely excessively higher shipping fees. It turns out some companies see an opportunity to make more money by charging consumers higher shipping rates than necessary. Of course, this practice is now at the center of multiple class actions being filed.


What Companies Can and Can’t Charge

Under Article 11 of the Data and Marking Associations Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice, companies are legally only permitted to charge for postage that bears a reasonable relationship to the actual cost incurred. Simply, a company cannot charge you—and other consumers—for more than they pay to ship your product.

Have you or someone you know been charged for excessive shipping fees that didn’t make sense given what you purchased? Then please contact us for a free consultation. We are actively pursuing an overcharged for shipping lawsuit.