BEHR DeckOver Class Action

It turns out the durable BEHR DeckOver surfacer is not durable after all. Consumers are finding out the hard way that the premium deck paint is prone to peeling, chipping, bubbling, and degrading soon after application.

So we are investigating claims for a BEHR class action lawsuit based on their DeckOver paint, which can peel and chip prematurely resulting in costly removal after it starts peeling. It has been alleged that Behr and Home Depot advertise it as a durable deck surfacer capable of providing long-lasting protection for wood and concrete surfaces when in reality it brings a number of problems, out-of-pocket expenses and hassles for consumers.

Have you or someone you know purchased BEHR DeckOver from Home Depot and experienced similar issues? Then please share your experience with our class action attorneys. Initial consultations are free.

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