Whirlpool Dryer Fire Hazard

Are you experiencing Whirlpool Cabrio dryer problems too? You’re not alone. Whirlpool Cabrio and Duet dryers are becoming suspect as a fire hazard. Apparently, the problem lies with the dryers’ lint traps. The traps are built in a way that is letting lint build up in an inaccessible area adjacent to the dryer ignition, resulting in a major fire hazard.

Many believe Whirlpool has known about the problem for years but has failed to issue a recall or inform the public. Considering the problem can be especially dangerous and cannot be detected by you and other consumers during normal use, Kohn, Swift and Graf attorneys are actively pursuing an investigation and possible Whirlpool Duet and Cabrio class action lawsuit. Can you or someone you know be a potential plaintiff? If so, please contact us right away.