Costco Sells Engagement Rings as “Tiffany”

News from Tiffany & Co., claiming that Costco has for many years falsely identified their mark when selling different styles of rings is very surprising and upsetting to many. As such, many consumers mistakenly believe they purchased and own a prestigious Tiffany engagement ring from Costco when the rings weren’t actually made by Tiffany.

Tiffany – A Brand Like No Other

The elegance and sense of exclusivity that the Tiffany brand communicates has been expertly managed since 1837. No other brand comes close to its longevity or its diamonds of breathtaking brilliance. Their signature blue box is equally masterful from a brand marketing standpoint. All the more reason to come together as a group of consumers and say false and deceptive advertising will not be tolerated—and if done, was a cheap trick.

If you or someone you know purchased a Tiffany engagement ring from Costco, then please reach out to us now. Our attorneys have begun an investigation into this matter. And we are investigating claims for a class action lawsuit.