Equifax Massive Data Breach

Where’s consumer protection when you need it? That is what 143 million consumers are asking themselves after Equifax’s troubling announcement. The data breach or cyber-attack apparently impacts a huge portion of the U.S. The credit-reporting company said hackers exploited a U.S. web vulnerability and gained unauthorized access to consumer data from mid-May through July. The sensitive consumer data includes names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, addresses as well as some driver’s license numbers. Hackers also got access to credit card information for approximately 209,000 consumers.

Equifax Compromises Consumers – Were You Affected?

This is the reason why KS&G consumer protection lawyers take such pride in the work we do. We protect you and other Americans, who have placed your trust in large institutions. Then are let down. With identity-theft concerns growing, the scale of this cyber security attack is very concerning indeed.

If you are an Equifax customer and are concerned, please contact us now. It is our privilege to assist you—and consultations are free.