Fingerprint Scanning and Employee’s Rights

Biometric fingerprint scanning systems are being used by employers to clock employees in and out. Many have done away with timecards for greater efficiency and accuracy. However, there’s a dark-side to this practice.

For instance, an Illinois Biometric Information Protection Act (BIPA) says that employers who use the biometric technology must follow very discrete requirements to protect employees’ privacy. Namely, how data is collected, stored and used; in addition to obtaining prior written consent from the employee before the collection. Employers must also destroy the biometric data within three years of employee’s last interaction with the fingerprint scanning machine.

Employers Feel the Heat with Biometrics Data

Companies who use this security practice are back-peddling to ensure their practices are BIPA-compliant moving forward.

Please contact our consumer protection attorneys if you think a former employer or current employer may be liable for misconduct relating to this practice. A quick question to ask yourself is if you received a disclosure regarding their use of biometrics as a tool for information security before initial scan.