Background Check Lawsuits

The Basics

In order to get a job or to be able to sign a lease to an apartment, many companies require potential persons to submit to a background check. A federal law- the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)- mandates how this information is received.

Sometimes this information is inaccurate or is not properly received. That’s when we step in.

Possible FRCA Violations

  1. When your background was ran without your consent
  2. If you did not receive a copy of your background report
  3. If information pertaining to a different individual is on your report
  4. If dismissed and/or expunged information is on the report
  5. If convictions older than 7 years are on your report
  6. If other errors or discrepancies are on your report

When applying for a job or applying for a lease, the company must first ask for your permission. Once the report comes back, the company is required to give you a copy. If you are denied from either a job or lease post credit report, you deserve to know what information was given and ultimately helped make the decision. The report titled “A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act” details your personal information. Upon denial, you should very carefully analyze this document and report any information which may not be accurate.

Previous lawsuits 

Unfortunately, sometimes employers and landlords alike do not always follow the requirements set out by FCRA.  In recent news, several companies have settled FCRA cases. Famous restaurant chain, Dominoes, allegedly violated FCRA when they ran employee background reports, without consent, and did not share the results once the report was completed. Dominoes settled this case for $2.5 million. Another example – Green Mountain Coffee Co. was accused of rejecting job applicants after they accessed unauthorized consumer reports. This case also reached a settlement.

More information can be found by clicking this link.

Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is attempting to seek justice for anyone who believes that a company may have violated FCRA. If you or someone you know has similar complaints, please contact our lawyers. All consultations are free of charge. You may be eligible to be included in a Class Action lawsuit.

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