August 21, 2018- KS&G has filed a class action lawsuit against Global Tel*Link Corporation, and DSI-ITI, LLC (collectively, “GTL”), on behalf of Pennsylvania residents who were incarcerated in correctional facilities throughout PA and utilized GTL’s telephone services.

GTL is one of only a few companies that operates in the corrections market, offering integrated technology solutions to 2,300 facilities and 1.8 million inmates in 50 states, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. By providing telecommunications services to Pennsylvania correctional facilities, incarcerated persons are able to communicate with their family, friends, and others. Faced with no competition, PA prisoners have no choice but to use GTL’s phone service to communicate with their loved ones. To make matters worse, the rates and fees associated with making these phone calls is exorbitant.

Our class action lawsuit alleges that GTL, as the sole telecommunications provider for PA inmates, has utilized its monopoly power to charge exorbitant phone rates more than 100 times higher than market rates in addition to charging high fees. Because of its exclusive provider position, GTL is able to exploit customers by charging them unconscionably excessive rates for calls, as well as unconscionable fees and connection charges, without regard to what other providers of prepaid calling services are charging in the marketplace.

One price is enough to pay

Our class action lawsuit seeks to represent all persons in PA who, at any time since 2002 were incarcerated in a Pennsylvania prison intuition who use or used the phone system provided by GTL or DSI-ITI or, who established an advance pay account with GTL or DSI-ITI in order to receive telephone calls from a person incarcerated in PA.

More information on the case and a copy of the Class Action Complaint can be found here.


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