October 1, 2018- On September 12, 2018 The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a new FCRA “Summary of Rights” form requiring employers to provide a “re-adverse action” notice to an applicant or employee prior to refusing to hire and/or discharge that applicant or employee.

Any employer that uses consumer reporting agencies to conduct credit or background checks is now required to inform job applicants and employees of their rights under the FCRA by providing the new “Summary of Rights” form along with the FCRA disclosure and authorization. Failure to do so may lead to significant legal risk such as government penalties or private lawsuits, including class actions.

This new version of the Summary of Rights incorporates a new required notice. The notice informs consumers they have a right to place a “security freeze” on their credit report, which will prohibit information from being released in the consumer’s report without the consumer’s authorization.

All employers and background check companies were mandated to update their forms by September 21, 2018.


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