Dangerous Nutrition Supplements Investigated

October 25, 2018- Kohn, Swift & Graf is currently investigating numerous supplement manufacturers for the alleged sale of potentially hazardous supplements.

dangerous ingredients found in many “nutrition” supplements

The U.S. Drug and Food Administration has repeatedly warned manufacturers that many dietary supplements contain dangerous, experimental stimulants. The FDA has issued more than 700 warnings over the last decade pertaining to potentially hazardous ingredients that promoted as sexual, weight-loss and muscle growth aids. According to recent findings, 75% of supplements tested still contain the compounds.

Between 2013 and 2016, the FDA found that 12 different supplement brands contained one or more of the four unapproved stimulants, including DMAA, DMBA, BMPEA and oxilofrine. Because the FDA classifies dietary supplements as food, supplement manufacturers do not have to prove a supplement is safe or effective before selling it to the public.

“What most consumers don’t know is that supplements can be sold as if they give you energy, help you lose weight or just about anything, as long as the supplement does not claim to cure or treat disease,” said study author Dr. Pieter Cohen, “until the law is reformed and the FDA aggressively enforces the law, these potentially dangerous ingredients will likely remain in supplements.”

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