November 6, 2018- Marie Claire, publishes article on the USC Sexual Abuse Scandal, while shining light on the #MeToo movement.

USC Ignored complaints for almost 30 years

Since May of this year, nearly 500 women have come forward with allegations of misconduct against Dr. George Tyndall, the former USC gynecologist. The allegations go back as far as 30 years ago and many of the alleged survivors blame USC for not listening to the complaints issued over the past 30 years. Just last week, USC agreed to pay a $215 million federal class action settlement, in hopes of putting this scandal in the “rear-view mirror”.

Although a majority of the women who have issued complaints against Dr. George Tyndall chose to remain anonymous, three women in particular did not. Dana Loewy, Amanda Davis, and Brennan Heil, talk about their experiences and what their lives have been like since publicly accusing Tyndall of sexual harassment, abuse, and misconduct.

Read their full stories here.


The #MeToo movement is intended to encourage survivors of sexual violence to come forward and share their stories. The movement aims to open the lines of communication in order to achieve individual healing, as well as, reframe and expand the global conversation around sexual violence. Join the movement today to support survivors and end sexual violence.

More information on our University of Southern California (“USC”) sex abuse case, can be found here.

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