Piping Rock Essential Oil Not All Natural as Claimed

Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is currently investigating several essential oil products claiming to be natural or pure. However, in reality, there are allegations that they contain certain byproducts, which are synthetic, unnatural ingredients. Piping Rock Health Products, LLC is one of the most recent manufacturers that may be including these added ingredients in its essential oils.
The issue KS&G consumer protection attorneys are pursuing is whether these products have misleading labeling, causing consumers to believe the “all natural” or “pure” oils they are buying are actually pure and free of synthetic, unnatural ingredients.

Essential Oil False Claims and Deceptive Labeling

Essential oil products are becoming increasingly popular because of their claims to offer numerous benefits to users, while, at the same time, being quite vague regarding their uses. Often consumers are willing to pay for these “higher quality oils” in the belief that they are “pure” products and free of synthetic ingredients.

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Have you or someone you know been buying essential oils thinking that they are natural or pure? Then please contact us. Our investigation centers on the false, mislabeling of Piping Rock Essential Oils.