Geniux Product Makers named in FTC Lawsuit

April 11, 2019- The FTC (Fair Trade Commssion) has named several companies and individuals, including, but not limited to, Xcel,
EVO, Geniux, and Ion-Z, all tied to Geniux Products, in a lawsuit alleging they falsely advertised and mislabeled the products intentionally to mislead consumers.

The Geniux Brand Claims Health Benefits that were Never Proven

The makers of Geniux claimed the costly supplements would boost brain power by 89.2%, increase IQ, enhance memory, cognitive abilities, focus, and more. The products were never actually tested on humans, and they falsified studies and reports to show specific health benefits, that were never proven. It further claimed that the products were celebrity endorsed, or featured on mainstream news channels, which was found to be completely untrue.

These false claims led the FTC to sue a web of compainies and individuals responsible for this misleading and falsified product information.

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Have you or someone you know been buying Geniux brand products with the hopes it would increase brain power and function, or improve your focus? Then please contact us. Our investigation centers on the false, mislabeling of Geniux Products.

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