SFE Energy Supplier Deceiving Customers

June 5, 2019- Kohn, Swift, & Graf, P.C. is investigating SFE Energy, a deregulated energy supply company for allegedly committing unfair and deceptive business practices. SFE operates as an energy supply company in several states throughout the nation.

SFE Energy Preys on Low Income

It has been alleged that SFE direct salespersons go door to door to solicit new business while misrepresenting themselves as working on behalf of the customers current utility company. The agents enroll consumers in a new program, without disclosing the costs and terms of service to the customer. It is further alleged that the company targets low income customers in Massachusetts, with it’s deceptive business tactics and pricing. KS&G is investigating SFE’s deceptive practices in all states where it sells energy.

Deregulated Energy Companies Cost Customers More

In a report released by the Massachusetts Attorney’s General’s office, the deregulated energy market has been proven to cost customers more, and leads to more cases of deception and misrepresentation. Customers are often manipulated into signing contracts with early termination fees, paying for supply fees they would not otherwise pay, or paying variable rates higher than the market rate. KS&G has been working in many states to raise awareness and seek justice for consumers affected by these deregulated companies.

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If you are or have been a customer of SFE Energy in Massachusetts, or any of the states the SFE has operations including CA, CT, MD, NJ, NY, OH,PA, and TX, please contact us. You may be eligible to be included in a lawsuit. All consultations are free of charge.

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