Siri is Always Listening

September 3, 2019- Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is currently investigating Apple Inc. for failing to disclose that their Siri Devices were recording, storing, and analyzing individuals’ conversations without their consent.

Siri Recording and Listening without Consent

Siri is a voice-recognition software program developed by Apple that allows individuals to use their voice to ask questions and receive answers based on information available on the internet. The option is preloaded on the devices Apple manufactures including iPhones, tablets, Watches, AirPod headphones, MacBook laptops, and more.

A recently filed class action lawsuit has reported that Apple unlawfully recorded and stored individuals’ interactions and confidential communications without obtaining consent. Siri Devices are only supposed to record conversations preceded by the utterance of “Hey Siri” (a “wake phrase”) or through a specific gesture. However, as the complaint further alleges, it is a “regular” occurrence for Siri Devices to record nonconsenting individuals where no wake phrase has been uttered or no button has been pushed.

These individuals would not have purchased Siri Devices had Apple disclosed these practices.

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