Hidden Fees and Charges

There’s no doubt that we are officially living in a fee economy. We are constantly getting screwed by hidden fees and nontransparent charges. Arecent study revealed that 85% of consumers have had at least one hidden fee in just the last two years. Consumers are paying ten times the amount in hidden fees now than they… Read More

Consumer Protection Lawyers

Kohn, Swift & Graf’s consumer protection lawyers represent customers victimized by unfair and deceptive business practices. Located in Philadelphia with a nationwide practice, the firm fights to protect consumers’ rights through national class action litigation against exploitive corporations. Consumer Protection Class Actions Every day, consumers are cheated by purchases of products that are defective, unfairly… Read More

Predatory Lending Lawsuits

Our consumer protection lawyers represent consumers subjected to illegal loan tactics in predatory lending lawsuits. Although not precisely defined in the law, predatory lending may include loan transactions achieved through, among other things: •  aggressive pursuit of loan recipients •  targeting of high-risk borrowers who cannot easily obtain or repay loans •  misrepresentation of loan… Read More

Consumer Fraud Class Actions

Our consumer protection lawyers represent consumers injured by fraudulent business practices in consumer fraud class actions. Consumer protection laws provide remedies for consumers who sustain monetary losses due to certain types of deceptive and illegal activities. Consumer fraud outlawed by state and federal laws may include: •  false or misleading advertising, including bait and switch… Read More