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Active Investigation

Alleged No-Poach
Agreements for Aerospace
Engineering Employees,
Including at Pratt & Whitney

Kohn, Swift & Graf is investigating an alleged “no-poach” or “no-hire” agreement among various companies providing engineering, design, testing, software development, supply chain management, and project management services in the aerospace industry to Pratt & Whitney.  The alleged no-poach agreement lasted from as early as 2011 until at least 2019.



In a no-poach agreement, companies agree not to recruit or hire each other’s employees to reduce wages and compensation. No-poach agreements are anticompetitive and violate United States antitrust laws.

The U.S. Department of Justice has indicted six people at six companies for participating in the aerospace no-poach agreement and has stated that the agreement likely hurt thousands of workers employed by multiple companies. The companies currently believed to be involved in the illegal agreement include:

  • Raytheon Technologies Corporation, Pratt & Whitney Division
  • Agilis Engineering, Inc.
  • Belcan Engineering Group, LLC
  • Cyient, Inc. (previously known as InfoTech Enterprises Ltd.)
  • Parametric Solutions, Inc., and
  • QuEST Global Services-NA, Inc.

If you are a current or former engineer or other skilled-labor employee of any of the companies listed above, or another company that provided aerospace engineering or other skilled-worker services to Pratt & Whitney, and would like to discuss your legal rights, please contact William Hoese at, Doug Abrahams at, or Elias Kohn at, or call us at (215) 238-1700.



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