Our consumer protection lawyers represent consumers injured by fraudulent business practices in consumer fraud class actions. Consumer protection laws provide remedies for consumers who sustain monetary losses due to certain types of deceptive and illegal activities.

Consumer fraud outlawed by state and federal laws may include:

•  false or misleading advertising, including bait and switch techniques

•  deceptive labeling

•  failure to disclose material information in business transactions

•  deceptive product or service warranties

•  fraud by banks and other financial institutions

•  insurance fraud

•  mortgage and loan fraud

•  disguised or deceptive overcharges

•  hidden contract fees

•  fraudulent business, franchise, and travel offers

•  investor / securities fraud

•  automobile sales fraud

Consumer Fraud Lawsuits

Plaintiffs may file consumer fraud actions in state or federal court, under applicable state and / or federal law. Many states’ consumer protection laws grant consumers a private right of action for losses caused by consumer fraud.

Consumer fraud lawsuits may rely on statutory and / or common law, including but not limited to laws related to:

•  unfair and deceptive practices

•  truth in advertising

•  truth in lending

•  product labeling

Because individual consumers may suffer losses too small to justify bringing individual lawsuits, plaintiffs usually style these suits as class actions. Consumer fraud class actions enable consumers and society as a whole to curb fraudulent and dishonest business practices.

Damages in Consumer Fraud Class Actions

Plaintiffs in consumer fraud class actions may obtain actual damages and injunctive relief from defendants. Courts in some cases may also award plaintiffs:

•  punitive treble damages, and

•  reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred in bringing the class action

Contact a Consumer Protection Lawyer

Consumer fraud deceives consumers into paying for unwanted and misrepresented products and services. If you paid more for a product or purchased a product you did not want due to marketing or contract misrepresentations, you may have a valid claim for consumer fraud. Contact us to inquire about starting or joining a consumer fraud class action. We will evaluate your case without charge.

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