Kohn, Swift & Graf’s consumer protection lawyers are investigating credit card information hacking / thefts for potential cyber security data breach lawsuits. Our consumer attorneys bring these personal information security (infosec) suits as individual lawsuits or class actions on behalf of consumers whose financial and other personal information was stolen and used for fraudulent purposes.

Corporate hacking—which has become increasingly common in the digital age, as businesses migrate from brick and mortar to online services—frequently targets consumers’ personal and financial information. Credit card information theft can have serious and long-lasting effects on a consumer. Damages sustained by victims can range from late fees and credit monitoring costs to difficulty obtaining future credit.

When a business fails to adequately protect its customers’ credit card information, a single hacking incident can enable a hacker to acquire the confidential data of millions of consumers. Consumer protection attorneys often bring cyber security data breach lawsuits as consumer class actions on behalf of large numbers of consumers whose credit card information was obtained from a negligent corporation’s records. A class action enables these consumers to join together in seeking compensation and other relief from the corporation whose inadequate security is responsible for the breach.

If you were the victim of a credit card / personal information breach, contact us today to learn how we can help you hold the responsible corporation accountable in a cyber security data breach lawsuit. We will evaluate your case without charge.

Kohn, Swift & Graf’s consumer lawyers investigate incidents of consumer credit card account hacking to:

•     determine if an unlawful breach of consumers’ personal information has occurred

•     assess the adequacy of security measures taken by the company whose confidential customer information was breached

•     identify steps taken by the corporation to inform customers of the breach

•     identify damages consumers may have suffered as a result of the breach

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If you have sustained damages from credit card information theft (including those related to fraudulent transactions following a data breach), please contact us to learn if you may have a claim for damages and / or injunctive relief in a cyber security data breach lawsuit.

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