Our consumer protection lawyers represent consumers defrauded by unregulated electricity supply companies in energy service company (ESCO) class actions. After many states deregulated their electricity supply industries, new electricity suppliers began to compete for traditional energy suppliers’ business. A large number of these energy service companies (ESCO) falsely guaranteed lower electricity costs while actually increasing consumers’ costs by a substantial amount.

Despite promises of lower charges for electricity, many customers receive variable rate contracts—often without their knowledge—that result in wide cost fluctuations. A few of the numerous companies accused of this consumer deception include:

•  Ambit Energy

•  Electricity Maine

•  IDT Energy

•  Kiwi Energy

•  Stream Energy

•  Starion Energy

•  Viridian Energy

Energy Service Company (ESCO) Class Action Litigation

Deliberate misrepresentations and misleading marketing by energy service companies may violate both state and federal consumer protection laws. Consumers who have paid more for their electricity after relying on false representations by energy service companies may obtain relief through energy service company (ESCO) class actions. ESCO fraud lawsuits have alleged that ESCO ads constitute:

•  false and / or misleading advertising

•  consumer fraud

•  Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) violations

•  predatory marketing

•  illegal bait-and-switch techniques

Relief in ESCO Fraud Lawsuits

Plaintiffs in ESCO consumer actions may obtain financial damages and, in some cases, injunctive relief. Plaintiff classes in ESCO cases have sought:

•  recovery of overcharges paid as a result of ESCO fraud

•  treble damages (three times the amount of actual damages)

•  injunctions ordering energy service companies to cease their fraudulent activities

(For additional information about consumer fraud and consumer deceptive advertising claims, see False Advertising Consumer Lawsuits and Consumer Fraud Class Actions.)

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If you are the victim of excessive electricity costs due to energy service company misrepresentations, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact us to inquire about joining an energy service company (ESCO) class action. We will evaluate your case without charge.

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