Kohn, Swift & Graf has successfully represented clients in intellectual property (IP) cases. Businesses, writers, composers, and inventors depend upon trade secrets, patents, and copyrights to protect their creations from reproduction and theft.

IP remedies can include both monetary damages for past and future losses and injunctive relief to prevent continuing loss. Our firm has handled intellectual property (IP) cases in the following areas:

•  Theft of Trade Secrets

•  Copyright Infringement

•  False Advertising

Trade Secrets Theft

Many businesses obtain tremendous value from their trade secrets—information that is not generally known to others, that the business takes reasonable steps to protect, and that confers economic benefit. Most states have adopted variations of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act. In 2016, the U.S. Congress for the first time enacted a federal trade secret law (the Defend Trade Secrets Act), which provides a civil remedy in federal court for trade secret misappropriation. Learn more >>

Copyright Infringement

Under federal copyright law, the creators of literary, musical, dramatic, and certain other works have the exclusive right to sell, reproduce, and otherwise use the property they have created. An intellectual property creator whose copyright has been violated may seek damages and / or injunctive relief through a copyright infringement action in federal court. Learn more >>

False Advertising Lanham Act Lawsuits

The Lanham Act provides a federal remedy for, among other things, economic injury sustained by one business due to another business’s false advertising. Any person injured or likely to be injured by a competitor’s false advertising may file an action for damages or injunctive relief in federal court. Learn more >>

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Kohn, Swift & Graf has protected the intellectual property (IP) rights of businesses and individuals through aggressive and skillful representation. If you believe someone is infringing upon your copyright or other intellectual property (IP), please contact Kohn, Swift & Graf for assistance. We will evaluate your case without charge.