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November 12, 2020

Court Approves $7.85 Million in Air Conditioning Systems Settlements and Pro Rata Plan of Distribution of Settlement Funds

Judge Sean F. Cox of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan has approved direct purchaser settlements with Mitsubishi Heavy industries ($4.2 million) and Sanden ($3.65 million).

The court also approved a pro rata allocation and distribution of the net settlement proceeds to approved claimants in the direct purchaser Air Conditioning Systems Antitrust Litigation.

Claim forms must be filed by the November 21, 2020 deadline. Additional information about the case, and the claim form, can be found at

Kohn, Swift & Graf is one of the co-lead counsel for the air conditioning systems class and all other direct purchaser cases in In re: Automotive Parts Antitrust Litigation, MDL 2311, which is pending in federal court in Detroit, Michigan. The Department of Justice has described the automotive parts investigation as the largest U.S. criminal antitrust investigation in history.

To date, Kohn, Swift & Graf and its co-counsel have obtained over $356.5 million in recoveries for direct purchasers of automotive parts.