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Kohn Swift is at the forefront of litigation helping victims of terrorist acts recover against entities that provided financial support to the terrorist groups that committed the acts. The firm served as co-counsel for plaintiffs in the first contested Anti-Terrorism Act case to result in a liability verdict for victims of terrorism. Kohn Swift lawyers advance the fight against terrorism by focusing on holding those who finance terrorism activities legally responsible and obtaining compensation for their victims.

In Linde v. Arab Bank, PLC, Kohn Swift filed suit seeking damages for American terrorism attack victims and their families based upon Arab Bank’s channeling of financial support to Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations and their affiliates and to families of suicide bombers.

Since Linde, the firm has filed additional Anti-Terrorism Act lawsuits against banks that acted as conduits for funds transferred to Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations.

Kohn Swift also brought an Anti-Terrorism Act action against Chiquita Brands International, Inc., on behalf of New Tribes Mission and the families of five kidnapped and murdered missionaries. The suit was based in part on Chiquita’s admission in criminal proceedings that it had paid the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC) during the time period FARC was alleged to have kidnapped and eventually killed the missionaries.



The Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) allows American victims of international terrorism or their survivors to sue for compensation in United States federal district courts. The Act provides for the liability of any entity or person who:

  • commits an act of international terrorism
  • aids and abets an act or acts of international terrorism by knowingly providing substantial assistance
  • conspires with a person who commits an act of international terrorism
  • provides material support or resources to terrorists

The ATA provides a civil cause of action for American citizens who are the victims of acts of international terrorism and enables them to pursue not only the terrorists but those who provided material support to them.

Suing terrorists is largely a fruitless exercise, but Kohn Swift has brought actions against banks and others who provided funding to the terrorists thus providing victims a real chance at recovery.

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Courts in anti-terrorism finance cases may award American plaintiffs damages for injuries suffered in international terrorism attacks from those who supplied funds and other assistance to the terrorist organizations that committed the attacks.