Institutional investors need to be alerted to potential securities claims arising from portfolio losses caused by fraud or other corporate misconduct. They also need to be aware of instituted securities class actions related to investments in their portfolios. Kohn Swift’s institutional investor portfolio monitoring service fulfills these important requirements for our securities clients.

Kohn Swift’s institutional investor portfolio monitoring service is an indispensable tool for public pension funds and other institutional investors. Institutional investors—including several multi-billion-dollar pension funds—have retained Kohn Swift to monitor their investments and to commence litigation when appropriate.



Our portfolio monitoring system efficiently and effectively fulfills institutional investors’ obligations to:

  • stay abreast of securities fraud actions and other litigation that may affect their portfolios
  • monitor activities of corporations in which they are invested for evidence of securities fraud and other corporate misconduct
  • recover portfolio losses caused by misconduct of corporate management

As an integral part of our services, our securities lawyers provide institutional investors with regular comprehensive reports regarding:

  • identification of losses resulting from securities fraud
  • analysis of portfolio assets and losses
  • corporate management misconduct