Allura Siding Advertises Durability, Customers Disagree

March 15, 2019- Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is currently investigating Plycem USA and Elementia USA for allegedly marketing Allura Fiber Cement Siding as being durable and lasting for 50 years when in fact, the siding is defective and requires repair and replacement within the first five years.

Piping Rock Essential Oil Not All Natural as Claimed

The issue KS&G consumer protection attorneys are pursuing is whether these products have misleading labeling, causing consumers to believe the “all natural” or “pure” oils they are buying are actually pure and free of synthetic, unnatural ingredients.

The Truth Behind White Chocolate

January 7, 2019- Kohn, Swift & Graf is currently investigating numerous companies for deceptive “white chocolate” labeling.

Energy Slamming Effects on Deregulated Energy

The purpose of a deregulated energy market is to enable consumers to voluntarily chose their alternative retail electric supplier, and in turn, find the lowest rate possible. The “advantage” of being able to shop around for the best electric and/or gas plan and choose your energy provider is intended to help millions of consumers save on their energy bills. Or at least, this was the case until “slamming” occurred.

Plaintiff, represented by KS&G, prevails on Motion to Dismiss in Lawsuit Against Gateway Energy Services Corporation

September 13, 2018- On May 24, 2017, KS&G filed a class action lawsuit against Gateway Energy Services Corp. alleging that Gateway breached its utility contracts with New York customers by engaging in deceptive business practices and charging “exorbitantly” high energy-supply prices. In a ruling issued today, Judge Sherri L. Eisenpress issued an order and opinion… Read More

Pyrex Glass Shattering Investigation

June 26, 2018- Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is currently investigating Pyrex brand for shatter prone cooking glassware. BROKEN GLASS Originally, Pyrex was made of a stronger glass- borosilicate- which could withstand the heat produced while cooking. In the years after 1998, Corelle, the company who manufactures Pyrex, began to create their glassware using a… Read More

KS&G Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Sperian Energy

May 29, 2018- KS&G has filed a class action lawsuit against  Sperian Energy on behalf of Pennsylvania residents who were overcharged for electricity service. Sperian Energy is a deregulated energy service company that sells electricity in Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Ohio. The class action lawsuit alleges that Sperian overcharged thousands of Pennsylvania consumers… Read More

Bed Linen Thread Count Scam

Ultra-lovely colors and a smooth touch define AQ Textiles Egyptian cotton sheets with a thread count of 1000. Another thing that distinguishes them—thanks to the marketing practices of big retailers, TJ Maxx, Macy’s and others—is that higher thread count is considered an indicator of sheet quality. However, new information suggests that sheet manufacturers and retailers… Read More