Jarvis Marine, Inc. & Carolina Skiff, LLC Investigation

July 31, 2018- Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is currently investigating Jarvis Marine, Inc. and Carolina Skiff, LLC for the sale and manufacture of defective motor-operated recreational boats. The boats are purchased brand new from Jarvis Marine, Inc., and manufactured by Carolina Skiff, LLC. Upon purchase, the incident boats appear to be normal in all… Read More

KS&G Investigates Samsung Electronics America, Inc. for Samsung Dryer Crack

June 26, 2018- Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is currently investigating Samsung Electronics America, Inc. after receiving various complaints regarding the alleged Samsung dryer crack experienced by consumers. Consumers claim that their Samsung dryers developed dryer crack problems in the drums causing their clothes to be destroyed. The alleged defect occurs because Samsung uses thin… Read More

KS&G Investigates Polaris for Vehicle Overheating

April 13, 2018- Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is currently investigating Polaris Industries Inc., and Polaris Sales Inc after receiving multiple vehicle overheating complaints.    Owners of the Ranger and RZR models have experienced Polaris vehicle overheating, which in some cases has started a fire. There has been 250 reported fires, as a result of… Read More

KS&G is investgating exploding Savage Arms ML-II Muzzleloader Rifles

Purchasers of the Savage Arms ML-II muzzleloader rifles are experiencing issues with the device. Purchasers claim that the barrels have cracked, split, burst or in some cases- exploded. Once the rifle experiences such damage, the rifle becomes unusable. The rifle malfunctions occur after several uses, so the issue might not present itself until several years… Read More