Employees’ Electronic Data Must Be Protected

Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that companies now have a common law duty to protect employee data if it is electronically stored. Read more here about possible future litigation in Pennsylvania.

Law360 Article Featuring KS&G Sperian Lawsuit

October 22, 2018- On October 18, Law360, a legal news service, published an article titled “Ill. Class Sues Power Retailer Over ‘Bait & Switch’ Pricing,” featuring our recently filed class action lawsuit against Sperian Energy in the Northern District of Illinois. The article outlines the key nature of the suit and delves into some of… Read More

KS&G Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Global Tel*Link on behalf of Pennsylvanians

August 21, 2018- KS&G has filed a class action lawsuit against Global Tel*Link Corporation, and DSI-ITI, LLC (collectively, “GTL”), on behalf of Pennsylvania residents who were incarcerated in correctional facilities throughout PA and utilized GTL’s telephone services. GTL is one of only a few companies that operates in the corrections market, offering integrated technology solutions… Read More

KS&G Has Filed A Class Action Lawsuit Against Agway Energy For PA Customers

April 3, 2018- KS&G has filed a class action lawsuit against Agway Energy on behalf of Pennsylvania residents who were overcharged for electricity service. Agway Energy is a deregulated energy service company that sells electricity in New York and Pennsylvania. The class action lawsuit alleges that Agway overcharged thousands of Pennsylvania consumers for their electricity…. Read More