There’s no doubt that we are officially living in a fee economy. We are constantly getting screwed by hidden fees and nontransparent charges. Arecent study revealed that 85% of consumers have had at least one hidden fee in just the last two years. Consumers are paying ten times the amount in hidden fees now than they were less than ten years ago, costing billions of dollars each year. Companies use terms like “surcharge,” “processing,” “handling” and “toll” to sneak in these additional fees without pre-disclosing these to the consumer.

Today these extra charges are being added to more and more transactions—hidden in the fine print of a contract, popping up when you reach the last page of an online purchase, or combined with taxes or other costs.

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Our consumer protection lawyers represent consumers subjected to hidden fees imposed by numerous corporations including banks, utility companies, service providers, airlines, telecommunications companies, rental car services, and so many more.

Consumers injured by unexpected hidden fees may be eligible to be included in a Class Action Lawsuit. If you or someone you know has been hit by an unexpected or hidden fee when making a recent purchase, Contact us. All consultations are free of charge.