Linde, et al. v. Arab Bank, PLC and Coulter, et al. v. Arab Bank, PLC

Linde, et al. v. Arab Bank, PLC, 04-2799 (NG) (VVP) and Coulter, et al. v. Arab Bank, PLC, 05-365 (NG) (VVP) (E.D.N.Y.) – Steven Steingard serves as Litigation Counsel for the plaintiffs, United States citizens, their estates, survivors and heirs who were victims of terrorist attacks in Israel in these two actions currently before the Honorable Nina Gershon. The claims are brought under the Anti-Terrorism Act and seek treble damages from Arab Bank PLC, a financial institution headquartered in Jordan with a federally licensed and regulated branch office in New York City. The complaints allege that Arab Bank maintained bank accounts and provided financial services to fronts that it knew supported terrorist activities of known terrorist organizations and acted as the administrator of a plan that provided payments to the families of Palestinian terrorists killed in attacks on persons such as plaintiffs. A motion to dismiss the complaints was denied by Judge Gershon and the litigation is ongoing.

For a copy of Judge Gershon’s Opinion and Order denying the motion to dismiss, see below.

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Originally Posted: 02/24/2006