July 3, 2018 –  KS&G has been retained with co-counsel by a  former USC student in the University of Southern California (“USC”) sex abuse case. As part of the representation, KS&G is continuing to investigate allegations of widespread sexual abuse by George Tyndall M.D., a gynecologist at USC’s student health center, and USC’s role in failing to protect students. Jonathan Shub, a California licensed attorney, is leading the case for KS&G.

Position of Power

Tyndall is accused of sexually harassing, abusing, and molesting countless women while employed by the University of Southern California . Tyndall is accused of using his position of power to take advantage of multiple female patients, who found themselves in an unfamiliar and vulnerable position. Civil claims against Tyndall include gross negligence, sexual harassment, battery, and sexual abuse.

USC Failed to Protect its Students

USC is accused of receiving complaints from students and health center staff about Dr. Tyndall’s abuse in the early 1990s. USC, however, did not investigate the complaints, let alone remove Dr. Tyndall or report him to law enforcement. In fact, Tyndall was allowed to resign from USC after a confidential settlement with the University. The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights announced that USC did not disclose the investigations to it. USC therefore concealed Tyndall’s abuse and allowed it to continue for nearly thirty years. Women are now demanding that Tyndall be held responsible for his appalling acts of sexual abuse and that USC be held accountable for failing to protect its students.

Standing with Women

KS&G takes your claim seriously. We are here to listen. If you or someone you know suffered from Tyndall’s abuse and USC’s negligence, please contact Attorney Jonathan Shub today.

More information on this case can be found by clicking this link.

A copy of the filed class action complaint can be found here.

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