Timehop Data Breach Investigation

July 10, 2018- Social media app “Timehop” admitted to a data breach exposing personal information of its 21 million users.

Timehop, “a time capsule of you”, would allow users to relive their posts from a year ago.Timehop cross referenced with other social media sites to create an “on this day” profile, which shows all your online activity throughout the years. Many users also synched their Instagram and Twitter accounts. Timehop used online tokens to allow people to log onto multiple social media sites to create their profile.

The company has admitted that the Timehop data breach started in December but it only became aware of the breach in July. The Timehop data breach may become an issue for consumers because phone numbers, names and emails may have been lifted. It is very common that users of social media have their phone numbers and email address listed privately on the sites for logging in purposes. Timehop is advising users whose phone numbers are listed online to take extra security measures.

Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is seeking justice for anyone who uses Timehop and believes that their data has been breached. If you or someone you know has similar complaints, please contact our lawyers. All consultations are free of charge. You may be eligible to be included in a Class Action lawsuit.

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