Sperian Energy Complaints

In the wake of deregulating the energy market, more complaints are coming in. Especially from the customers of Sperian Energy. Everything from Sperian Energy’s door-to-door solicitation practices to their big promises of lower rates and better service that abruptly stop.

Attorneys at KSG are currently looking at these energy supplier complaints for a possible Sperian Energy lawsuit. Were you or someone you know heavily solicited to by the company and offered rates that didn’t last after the introductory period? Then please contact us. This unlawful practice is part of a larger scheme to mislead consumers: encouraging them to switch from their tried-and-true electricity provider to new ESCO (Energy Service Companies). And, we understand the claims can be convincing, e.g., those who switch can receive competitive market-based rates and save money on their monthly electric bill. Who could pass this up?

However, the claims are short-lived, and many times consumers are paying more for the same service. Let us help. Our consumer protection attorneys are committed to helping consumers—like you and your neighbors—hold companies such as Sperian accountable for their actions.