Trader Joe’s Alkaline Water is Questioned

Wherever you stand on the benefits of alkaline water, we know you will stand united with others when the issue isn’t about health but product misrepresentation. It’s not a leap to see how drinking alkaline water could help those suffering from acid reflux and those who want to stay youthful with more antioxidants in their system. However, it’s difficult to see why a very popular and profitable company, such as Trader Joe’s, may be responsible for false advertising claims. The company says its alkaline bottled water has low acid levels with a 9.5 pH level—when in actuality it may contain significantly higher acid levels.

Alkaline Water Bottles Being Investigated

Not surprising that Trader Joe’s alkaline water is being tested, discussed and investigated. And consumer protection lawyers at KS&G are leading the investigation.

Trader Joe’s continues to charge higher prices for its alkaline water bottles because it knows consumers across the nation are willing to spend more for the added benefits of low acid levels in drinking water. We and others say, if acid levels are higher than advertised, Trader Joe’s is misleading and harming consumers. Taking their money for a bottle of water that isn’t what it claims to be. If you or someone you know has purchased Trader Joe’s alkaline water, please contact Kohn, Swift and Graf now.