KS&G Investigates Intel Chip Security Flaws

August 29, 2018- Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is currently investigating the security flaws embedded in Intel Chips, allowing hackers to steal data from the memory of running apps.


Security flaws have been discovered in Intel chips, allowing hackers to steal data from the memory of running apps. This data may include emails, browsers, photos, documents, password managers, and more.

For anyone who has installed a patch to protect their device(s) from the “Meltdown” and/or “Spectre” bugs, may have experienced or is currently experiencing performance issues. The software patch released by Intel intended to remedy the defect has been found to slow down computers by as much as 30%. Intel has claimed that the security patches were faulty and has advised consumers to stop installing them. Customers who were affected by the Intel Meltdown and Spectre flaws have complained of the following: paying more for a product that did not work as promised, experiencing a decrease in speed and performance, and paying to replace or upgrade expensive devices.


If you or someone you know has purchased a computer, server, smartphone, or any type of computer component in the past six years and it contained and/or contains an Intel processor, please contact us. All consultations are free of charge. You may be eligible to be included in a Class Action Lawsuit for the Intel Meltdown and Spectre Attack.

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