October 18, 2018-Sperian Energy will refund $2.65 million to Illinois consumers for allegedly violating the Public Utilities Act and the commission’s rules with its marketing. Sperian Energy is a deregulated energy service company that sells electricity in Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Ohio.

The company has also agreed to suspend all marketing efforts in Illinois for two years. When the global settlement is finalized, refunds will be given to current and former Sperian customers. Sperian has also faced allegations for violating the Illinios Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Practices Act and the Telephone Solicitation Act.

To read more information about the settlement, click here.

Earlier this year, Kohn, Swift & Graf filed a class action lawsuit against Sperian Energy on behalf of Pennsylvania residents who were overcharged for electricity service. The class action lawsuit alleges that Sperian overcharged thousands of Pennsylvania consumers for their electricity. A copy of the Class Action Complaint and more information on this case can be found here.


If you or someone you know enrolled in Sperian’s electricity plan, you may have been overcharged. If you were a Sperian customer in any state, please contact us for a FREE consultation. You may be eligible to be included in a class action lawsuit.

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