Eventbrite Exposed Private Information

October 22, 2018- Kohn, Swift & Graf is currently investigating ticketing companies, Eventbrite and Ticketfly, for the data breach that occurred earlier this year compromising the data of over 27 million customers.

Eventbrite exposed the private information of millions of customers

Ticketfly, Eventbrite’s subsidiary, was hacked at the end of May in an event the company referred to as a “cyber incident.” The attack exposed the personal information of 27 million users including their names, home and business addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and passwords. It has been alleged that Eventbrite failed to responsibly implement a breach of notification protocol. Supposedly, they provided a support page and posted about the matter on their Twitter, but did not take the necessary measures to alert users about the Data Breach.

It’s been further alleged that Ticketfly compromised private personal information of its users due to its inadequate cybersecurity prevention, detection and response protocol. Choosing not to inform their customers of the data breach deprived them of being able to change their passwords in a timely matter in order to protect themselves.

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