Former USC gynecologist George Tyndall, who stands accused of sexually abusing women for nearly thirty years, also kept a stash of nude photos of his patients.

During a raid of the doctor’s personal storage unit, the Los Angeles Police Department discovered a collection of homemade pornography, along with photographs of unclothed women who appeared to be in a medical room. Detectives are in the process of identifying the women in the photographs, which appear to have been taken over the last three decades.

Former patients and health center staff remember Dr. Tyndall taking photographs of his unclothed patients during exams. Former medical assistants report that Dr. George Tyndall kept a professional camera under lock in his office. Staff complaints about Dr. Tyndall’s illicit photographs were consistently ignored by the University.

Dr. Tyndall’s former patients accuse him of multiple sexual abuses, including inappropriate touching and lewd commentary. Dr. Tyndall’s accusers further maintain that USC ignored years’ worth of complaints regarding the doctor’s misconduct.

More on our case against USC and Dr. George Tyndall, can be found here.


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