Wells Fargo Foreclosure Glitch

December 19, 2018- Kohn, Swift & Graf is currently investigating Wells Fargo for their alleged software glitch that caused 545 homeowners to lose their homes.

Wells fargo ForeclOsure Error caused many to lose their homes

In 2010, a South Carolina couple, Jeff and Eva Reiner, turned to Wells Fargo, their mortgage servicer, for help making their payments. Wells Fargo did not accept their requests for a mortgage modification and eventually foreclosed on the home, forcing the couple to move their teenage son, give up three dogs, and forfeit the equity they had built up in the house.

It wasn’t until so many years later that the Reiners learned from media reports that they were among the 545 other homeowners who lost their homes because of an apparent software glitch with Wells Fargo’s loan modification process. In September, Wells Fargo wrote the Reiners a letter explaining that the family’s plea for a mortgage modification would have been accepted if not for a “faulty calculation.” The bank further admitted that the couple should have been approved for a trial modification- a reduction in monthly payments that would have saved their house from foreclosure.

A Wells Fargo spokesman said, “If they had accepted the offer [that Wells Fargo never made] and kept up with the payments, then the foreclosure would have been avoidable potentially.” Wells Fargo apologized to the couple for the mistake, enclosed a check for $15,000 to help “make things right” and offered free mediation for further compensation.

It has been further alleged that Wells Fargo failed to disclose the problem years ago even though the bank said in SEC filings the calculation error was corrected in October 2015. In addition to the foreclosure issue, Wells Fargo has admitted to creating millions of fake accounts over the past two years, forcing thousands of borrowers into auto insurance that they didn’t want and imposing mortgage fees on homeowners that they didn’t deserve.

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