March 29, 2019- Kohn, Swift, & Graf, P.C., has filed a class action lawsuit against Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. in the Northern District of California for falsely advertising and misrepresenting the health benefits of its Science Diet and Prescription Diet product lines.

False Claims of health benefits, in fact, the product actually can be fatal to dogs!

In its advertising, marketing material, and packaging, Hill’s has consistently claimed that its products provide “nutrition that can transform the lives of pets and comfort the pet parents and vets who care for them,” promising a “dog’s best life” through biology-based nutrition. However, a recently-filed class action complaint alleges that Hill’s canned Prescription Diet and Science Diet products contain toxic levels of vitamin D, which can be fatal to dogs.

The class action lawsuit against Hill’s Pet Nutrition further alleges that in order to better sell its products, and to entice veterinarians to recommend them, Hill’s has marketed its products as specially formulated to maintain the health of dogs with specific illnesses, such as: age-specific dietary needs, breed-specific dietary needs, digestive issues, heart issues, liver issues, or kidney issues.

Hill’s misrepresentations, deceptive conduct, and unfair practices have caused consumers to overpay for toxic dog food products. Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. will strive to achieve justice for those customers in the United States who purchased Hill’s pet food during the relevant time period.

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Our consumer protection lawyers will continue to investigate other pet food companies who have engaged in or are currently engaging in similarly deceptive, misleading, unfair, and false marketing practices. If you or someone you know purchased so-called “premium” products from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. or other brands, please contact us. All consultations are free of charge. You may be eligible to be included in a class action lawsuit.