Arsenic Found in “Natural” Bottled Water

April 19, 2019- Kohn, Swift, and Graf is investigating several companies for high levels of arsenic found in their bottled water, including popular brands Penafiel by Keurig Dr. Pepper, and Whole Foods brand Starkey.

Unsafe Levels of Arsenic in Bottled Water

A Consumer Reports article just released, identifying several companies for having unsafe levels of arsenic in their bottled water. The companies include Whole Foods brand Starkey, Keurig Dr. Pepper Penafiel, Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water, Volvic (owned by Danone), and two regional brands, Crystal Creamery and EartHâ‚‚O. All of these brands have tested for arsenic levels above 3 ppb, which means they are unsafe for drinking.

Of these companies, Whole Food recalled over 2,000 cases of water that had an impermissible level of 10 parts per billion (ppb) of arsenic. The company proclaims the water’s purity and healthfulness, even boasts “it naturally flows out of the ground”, and “it’s amazingly pristine water”. Now the water maintains just below the Federal limit of 10 ppb, however is still a danger for human consumption regularly. Previously, Keurig Dr. Pepper have determined their Penafiel contained no detectable trace but in more recent tests, the water contained 17 ppb, well above the current Federal allowable level.

The EPA regulations currently allow for 10 ppb, however that is higher than the standard for tap water, making it less safe to drink. Consumer Reports is urging the standards be reconsidered and lowered to a maximum of 3 ppb, anything more poses potential health risks.

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