Kohn, Swift and Graf. P.C. has filed a case against Erie Insurance Exchange for failing to pay claims related to COVID-19 business losses.  

Insurance is designed to help policy holders during a time of need.  But it has recently been reported that businesses are being denied payment after filing claims with their business interruption insurance.  

Closed for Business

COVID-19 caused the shut down of countless “non-essential” businesses across the United States.  With their businesses being limited or closed, many owners attempted to recoup those losses  by applying for benefits under their business interruption insurance.

In our recently filed case against Erie Insurance Exchange, our client has an “all risk” policy – meaning that coverage is provided for loses unless specifically excluded.  Erie Insurance Exchange did not specifically excluded business losses caused by a pandemic. Our client was subsequently denied benefits. Here is a link to the complaint.

Contact Us Today

If you or someone you know has been denied, please contact the firm via email at info@kohnswift.com. Our firm is still in full operation remotely, and will remain dedicated to helping small businesses in need during this difficult time.

More Information

More information on our investigation of denied business interruption insurance claims, please click here.