On February 14, 2019, United States District Judge Wendy Beetlestone ruled in favor of Plaintiff Daryoush Taha and Class Members, taking the case one step closer to trial.  

In a twenty-page opinion, Judge Beetlestone criticized the arguments raised by Defendant Bucks County, including its claim that a one-year statute of limitations barred the Plaintiff’s entire lawsuit. Judge Beetlestone concluded that Plaintiff Taha had timely filed his claims.

Additionally, Judge Beetlestone determined that it would be up to a jury to decide whether Bucks County “willfully” distributed inmates’ criminal history information, a crucial detail in determining Plaintiff’s eligibility for punitive damages.

Judge Beetlestone’s opinion is available here.

What Does This Mean?

The opinion referenced above does not settle the case. Judge Beetlestone has set a date for trial in May 2019 in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Additionally, Judge Beetlestone’s opinion has potential positive implications for prisoners’ rights and for future cases regarding the confidentiality of criminal record information.

What Happens Next?

If Plaintiff’s counsel settles the case before trial, Kohn Swift & Graf will notify class members about the filing of claims process. If the case goes to trial, we will update our website accordingly. Class Members will not be required to attend the trial.

More Information and How to Update Your Contact

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You could also change your address by mail to “Bucks County CHRIA Litigation” at 1801 Market Street, Suite 660, Philadelphia PA 19103.

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