Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is currently investigating facts that may result in a class action lawsuit against USAA Insurance Company

Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is currently investigating claims for a class action lawsuit against USAA.  The investigation centers on an alleged increase in auto insurance premiums charged to some USAA automobile policy holders, arising out of specific factual circumstances, that should not have been charged.

If you or someone you know has USAA automobile insurance, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation to determine if you are among the group of people who may have been overcharged by USAA. This group of people includes those who had or have automobile insurance through USAA and who were charged or are being charged an increased insurance premium after being involved in an accident with another driver who was insured by USAA and who was at fault for the accident.  All initial consultations are free of charge.

Kohn, Swift & Graf is a national leader in class actions, including complex consumer litigation. With experienced attorneys and a competent support staff, our firm strives to provide the highest quality of service to our clients. We treat each case with careful attention to ensure that consumers get the justice they deserve.  KSG is centrally located in Philadelphia, PA, and we handle class actions nationwide.

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