Weyerhaeuser Flak Jacket Product Complaints

Based on customer complaints, Weyerhaeuser Company has acknowledged that its Flak Jacket fire protection coating, applied to its TJI Joists, is causing a serious odor and a mess for homeowners. It is alleged that homeowners affected with the problematic, formaldehyde-based resin are those who had purchased or installed the building support product after December 1, 2016.

The company’s branded TJI Joists help floors resist warping, twisting and shrinking that can cause squeaky floors. The joists are known for being lightweight and easy to install, and the Flak Jacket coating is applied to the joists for increased fire protection and to meet one- and two-family code requirements. Unfortunately for the company—and for consumers—they changed their Flak Jacket formula, which is allegedly causing the issue.

KS&G class action attorneys are investigating Weyerhaeuser Flak Jacket Products. Real Estate closings are being impacted, the risks and problems associated with formaldehyde are concerning, and consumers are left with unclear direction on what to do next.

If you purchased a TJI Joist with Flak Jacket after December 1, 2016, please contact our class action attorneys. Consultations are free.